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Have you met Phryne Fisher?

Cocaine BluesCocaine Blues (#1)
The first classic Phryne Fisher mystery, featuring our delectable heroine, cocaine, communism and adventure. Phryne leaves the tedium of English high society for Melbourne, Australia, and never looks back.

Flying Too HighFlying Too High (#2)
In this, the second Phryne Fisher mystery, the 1920s' most glamorous detective flies even higher, handling a murder, a kidnapping and the usual array of beautiful young men with style and consummate ease - and all before it's time to adjourn to the Queenscliff Hotel for breakfast.

Murder on the Ballarat TrainMurder on the Ballarat Train (#3)
In Phryne's third adventure, Phryne is off to Ballarat for a week of fabulousness, but the sedate journey by train turns out to be far from the restful trip she was planning...

Death at Victoria DockDeath at Victoria Dock (#4)
The devastating Phryne Fisher is under fire again in her fourth mystery. A very young man with muddied hair, a pierced ear and a blue tattoo lies cradled in Phryne's arms. But sadly it's not another scene of glorious seduction - this time it's death...

The Green Mill MurderThe Green Mill Murder (#5)
Gorgeous in her georgette dress, delighted by her dancing skill, pleased with her partner and warmed by the admiring regard of the banjo player, Miss Phryne Fisher had thought of tonight as a promising evening at the hottest dancehall in town, the Green Mill. But that was before death broke in...

Blood & CircusesBlood and Circuses (#6)
The Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher is feeling dull. But is she bored enough to leave her identity, her home and family behind and join Farrell's Circus and Wild Beast Show? There have been strange things happening at the circus...

Ruddy GoreRuddy Gore (#7)
Put the delectable Phryne Fisher and one of the more preposterous Gilbert & Sullivan shows on stage together the result is another fantastic read of 1920s life, crime and dresses.

Urn BurialUrn Burial (#8)
The redoubtable Phryne Fisher is holidaying at Cave House, a Gothic mansion in the heart of the Victorian mountain country. But the peaceful country surroundings mask deadly danger...

Raisins & AlmondsRaisins and Almonds (#9)
In investigating the poisoning of a young man in a bookshop at the Eastern Market, and the wrongful arrest of one Miss Sylvia Lee, Phryne Fisher is plunged into a world of Jewish politics, alchemy, poison and chicken soup.

Death Before WicketDeath Before Wicket (#10)
Phryne Fisher has plans for her Sydney sojourn - a few days at the Test cricket, a little sightseeing and the Artist's Ball with an up-and-coming young modernist. But these plans begin to go awry and soon Phryne's plans for a day or two of simple pleasure are gone for good...

Away with the FairiesAway with the Fairies (#11)
Phryne has been asked to investigate the puzzling death of a famous author and illustrator of fairy stories. To do so, Phryne takes a job within the women's magazine that employed the victim and finds herself enmeshed in her colleagues' deceptions.

Murder in MontparnasseMurder in Montparnasse (#12)
Seven Australian soldiers, carousing in Paris in 1918, unknowingly witness a murder and their presence has devastating consequences. Ten years later, two are dead ... under very suspicious circumstances.

The Castlemaine MurdersThe Castlemaine Murders (#13)
Phryne Fisher, her sister Beth and her faithful maid, Dot, decide that Luna Park is the place for an afternoon of fun. But in the dusty dark Ghost Train, amidst the squeals of horror and delight, a mummified bullet-studded corpse falls to the ground in front of them. Phryne Fisher's pleasure trip has definitely become business.

Queen of the FlowersQueen of the Flowers (#14)
The utterly delightful Phryne Fisher makes her very welcome appearance as St Kilda's 'Queen of the Flowers'. But when a body washes up on the beach, she must leave the carnival and find the killer. Not to mention find a missing daughter and deal with the return of an old lover...

Death by WaterDeath by Water (#15)
The nice men at P&O are worried. A succession of jewellery thefts from first class passengers is hardly the best advertisement for their cruise liners -- particularly when it is likely that it is a passenger who is doing the stealing.

Murder in the darkMurder in the Dark (#16)
The delectable Phryne Fisher has been invited to the Last Best party of 1928. When three of the guests are kidnapped Phryne finds she must puzzle her way through the scavenger hunt clues to retrieve the hostages -- and save the party.

Murder on a Midsummer NightMurder on a Midsummer Night (#17)
The fabulous Phryne - the 1920s most elegant and irrepressible sleuth - returns for her seventeenth adventure investigating the death of a man at St Kilda while at the same time trying to find a lost child who could inherit an old woman's fortune.

Dead Man's ChestDead Man's Chest (#18)
The unflappable Phryne is off on a quiet seaside holiday with Dot, Jane and Ruth - surely they won't be disturbed by a murder ...
Phryne knows to what depths people will sink for greed but with a glass of champagne in one hand and a pearl-handled Beretta in the other, no-one is getting past her.

Unnatural HabitsUnnatural Habits (#19)
1929: pretty little golden-haired girls are going missing in Melbourne. But they're not just pretty.Three of them are pregnant, poor girls from the harsh confines of the Magdalen Laundry. People are getting nervous.

It's a tale of convents and plots, piracy, murder and mystery . . . and Phryne finally finds out if it's true that blondes have more fun.

Murder and MendelssohnMurder and Mendelssohn (#20)
An orchestral conductor has been found dead and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson needs the delightfully incisive and sophisticated Miss Fisher's assistance to enter a world in which he is at sea. Hugh Tregennis, not much liked by anyone, has been murdered in a most flamboyant mode by a killer with a point to prove. But how many killers is Phryne really stalking?

Murder and MendelssohnDeath in Daylesford (#21)
When a mysterious invitation arrives for Miss Phryne Fisher from an unknown Captain Herbert Spencer, Phryne's curiosity is excited. Spencer runs a retreat in Victoria's spa country for shell-shocked soldiers of the First World War. It's a cause after Phryne's own heart but what could Spencer want from her?

The Lady with the Gun Asks the QuestionsThe Lady with the Gun Asks the Questions (#22)
The elegant Miss Phryne Fisher returns in this scintillating collection, which features four brand-new stories. With the ever-loyal Dot, the ingenious Mr Butler and all of Phryne's friends and household, the action is as fast as Phryne's wit and logic.

A Note from Phryne's preferred cover designer, Beth Norling

Beth writes:

"Illustrating Phryne is a delight. I get to live out my secret desire to be a fashion designer and research the ever elegant and inventive fashion illustrations from the 20s and early 30s. The rough drawings for my covers are made after reading the descriptions of Phryne's frocks and jewellery from the text and dipping back into my research for inspiration. I experiment with different detailing of the clothes and Phryne in a variety of poses, and alterations are made in accordance with the editors and Kerry's comments. The final art for the cover is A4 sized, drawn on hot pressed paper using pencil, pen, and watercolour paint. I am always conscious of creating a fairly rich palette, one that suits Phryne's exotic self. Kerry has provided so many top frock moments for her, any woman would kill to have Phryne's wardrobe!"


TV tie-in editions

The exciting and opulent world of the fabulous Phryne Fisher has been brought to stunning life in the 13-part ABC TV series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - check out our gorgeous TV tie-in cover editions below!


Cocaine Blues TV tie-in edition Murder on the Ballarat Train TV tie-in edition Death at Victoria Dock TV tie-in edition Blood and Circuses TV tie-in edition
The Green Mill Murder Ruddy Gore TV tie-in edition Raisins & Almonds TV tie-in edition Away with the Fairies TV tie-in edition
Murder in Montparnasse Queen of the Flowers Murder in the Dark TV Tie-in edition Unnatural Habits
Dead Man's Chest A Question of Death