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Horoscope: Phryne Fisher

Horoscope chart
Click on the image at left to view Phryne's horoscope chart.

Sun:  Capricorn

Phryne is ambitious (but only on her own terms), calm, conservative, far-sighted and orderly. She wants a stable, happy home and will do a great deal to make sure she gets it. She will have a gift for strategic planning, especially since the Sun is in the 10th House (since Phryne’s Ascendant is at 1 degree of Aries, all her Houses are ruled by their own signs). She needs to make her mark in the world, and she will. Emotional involvement in her career is essential, which makes being a sleuth an ideal career choice. Detectives re-impose order on communities which have been disrupted by crimes, which is so very Capricorn, really. Personalized Mars may tempt her to use power for selfish ends, but the strong Moon placement counters this, of which more anon.

Phryne’s Sun is in quincunx with the Moon, which causes some degree of restlessness and discontent at times. The semisextile with Venus provides kindness, generosity, added charm and a love of good living. The Sun’s conjunction with Mars gives her a power-house of vitality and enthusiasm, and this placement alone rules out the possibility that she would ever have decided simply to live a life of aimless luxury. Her emotions are heightened, and her sex drive is greatly increased. She is brave, daring and capable of heroic acts.

Moon: Gemini

Phryne is clever, versatile and talks fast under pressure. She does not trust her emotions (well, she wouldn’t, would she? Being a Capricorn and all that) and has a strong need to communicate. Nervous tension will be a problem, so between cases she needs to rest quietly. Her Moon is in the 3rd House, which means she needs to move around and stay in touch with people. She is shrewd and cunning, and will be a brilliant bed-time reader for children. Faced with a mystery she will not be able to rest until she has worked it out. Often this placement brings only superficial knowledge, but Ms Capricorn is hardly going to be satisfied with that.

Her Moon trines Venus, which adds extra charm, sensitivity and intuition, but is in quincunx with Mars, which shortens her temper appreciably. Oppositions with Saturn and Uranus bring bouts of depression, negativity, inhibition, strain and emotional tension. However, the conjunction with Neptune brings kindness, genuine idealism and sympathy for others. She will be tempted to tell lies, but has decided that strategic Jesuitical economy of truth is a far more strategic idea.

Ascendant: Aries

This is the bit which makes her want to walk on the wings of aeroplanes in mid-flight. Her will to win kick-starts her every time, but her sense of humour and natural gift for getting on with others in any social setting is a great mitigator of what otherwise might be all too much of a good thing. Her Ascendant trines Jupiter, which makes her effervescent, fun-loving and with a strong sense of justice. And now for the bad news….
Her Ascendant also squares Mercury, Saturn and Neptune. She is tense and talks too much when nervous. She is gloomy and pessimistic at times, and her otherwise exuberant vitality is dimmed. And she will at times be tempted into self-deception, which she ruthlessly suppresses, realizing that this is a luxury she really cannot afford.

Mid-Heaven: Capricorn

This is what she wants to be. Which is fine by her because she already is one. The Mid-Heaven is very well-aspected: conjunctions with Mercury and Saturn bring a flair for media and communications and many changes of career, combined with a careful, practical, disciplined work ethic. The opposition with Neptune brings a tendency to deviousness, but Phryne has learned to harness this in the cause of goodness and niceness.

Mercury: Capricorn

She not only is one, she also thinks like one. Discipline, patience, and slow and steady are how she will achieve her goals. She is inclined to pessimism, but her vibrant 9th House is an enormous help here. She learns slowly and thoroughly. It is unlikely that she shone academically at school, however. Mercury’s 10th House placing brings changes of career and a readiness to accept responsibility. The opposition with Neptune again inclines her to Cunning Plans, which is fine as long as it is in the cause of good. Mercury conjuncts Saturn, bringing an airy intellectuality which restrains and stabilizes her thoughts. She will be serious and (at times) solitary.

Venus: Aquarius

Here it’s film star glamour all the way, combined with a certain unwillingness to commit to just the one guy. While she is very passionate, she expresses her feelings coolly. She spends up big on clothes, glitz and glam. She is a faithful, helpful and thoroughly unpredictable friend who may appear very haughty to others until they get to know her, if they should be so lucky. 11th House Venus wants to please and wants admiration. She will most likely get it, and this can only be good.

Mars: Capricorn

Mars is strong here (especially in the 10th House), and brings more ambition, endurance and the will to win. She wants success, will work hard for it and seriously means to get it. The sextile with Jupiter brings added optimism, enthusiasm and a lively mind in an active body.

Outer Planet Houses:

Her Jupiter is in its own House (9th) and sign (Sagittarius) and brings verve, vitality, enthusiasm, risk-taking and a great desire for travel in both body and mind. Jupiter conjuncts Uranus. She is positive, original and humanitarian with warm, offbeat humour.

Her Saturn is also 9th House Sagittarius, which greatly magnifies her natural honesty, straightforwardness and seriousness. It is this placement more than any other which has impelled Phryne to use her considerable powers of deception only for good. She will however be pulled back and forward between risk-taking and caution, far more than most people.

Her Uranus is also 9th House Sagittarius, which makes her lively, dynamic and (should this have been an issue in her day) potentially something of an environmental activist. She is inventive, original, humanitarian and adventurous. Phryne’s problematic Neptune is 3rd House Gemini. Neptune is the planet of generational mindsets, and the Gemini Age was definitely the age of jazz and glamour: quick-witted, sharp and changeable. In her childhood, Phryne was jealous of her younger siblings and spent much time at school daydreaming. Her singing voice (soprano) is likely to be excellent. Pluto has not yet been discovered, so it has no place in Phryne’s chart.

Exec Summary:

Phryne’s chart type is halfway between the Bowl (self-contained people who scoop up experience) and the Locomotive (people with immense drive and energy which they can call upon when needed). We feel she is more of a locomotive. Natal charts with a strong dichotomy between Fire and Earth are moderately common, but it is rare to find one so heavily dualistic as this. Phryne is a serious, practical, patient thinker: ambitious, careful, hard-working and painstaking. She is also a risk-taking, warm, exuberant livewire. Reconciling these aspects of her character would not have been easy (there is a preponderance of squares and oppositions here), and she has taken her time to come to grips with this.

The Saturn Return (at age 29½) is a time of serious re-evaluation for everyone. It is especially important for Capricorns. Phryne has, as we have seen, ample funds to gratify her every whim. However, she will have been aware that she seriously needs a new career (the War having ended 9 years before the first novel begins), and she is instinctively aware that her Saturn Return is approaching, and when the opportunity arises to start a new life back in Melbourne she jumps at it. Her new life as a sleuth is exactly what she needs to give her lasting satisfaction in life. Go Phryne!

Phryne’s horoscope was drawn up and interpreted by David Greag